Shinn Bronq Chromatic


All new but clearly displaying it’s lineage – the Bronq Chromatic is much more than just an incremental change, it’s a giant step forwards in efficiency and comfort and was described by designer Mark Shinn as “without doubt my favourite of all the TT boards I have ever tested”.

Building on the lessons learnt through the development of the Slicer Split TT we combined the Double Step tip channels with the all new Dual-Track base to create an unrestricted water flow throughout the board’s length. Supremely fast to “unstick” in light winds and knife like upwind ability don’t detract from what is undoubtably the plushest and most engaging ride in the whole Chromatic range.

With the ability to adapt to your riding, mood or simply the conditions on hand the new Bronq Chromatic redefines our own high standards for lightweight performance, comfort and control.


136 x 41 (53mm fins)

138 x 42 (53mm fins)

140 x 43 (53mm fins)


Ultimate High Performance Freeride

Next Generation Lightweight Construction

Amazing range and ease of use


Combined Balsa/Paulownia Wood Core

Hi-Modulus Spread Tow Carbon


Constant Curve Rocker

Dual-Track Base Channels

Double Stepped Tips

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