The new BIAX technology offers an improved lightness, as well as flex and responsive features like never before. It has for effect to enhance the shape’s performances.

The Anti range represents, since its release, the antechamber to the R&D innovations on the question of Strapless kitesurfing. This board left its mark on people’s minds because it simply was the first noseless board on the Kitesurf market !
Declined in various sizes to match specific programs, its reputation is well-renowned.


Brädan finns i längderna 5.0, 5.2, 5.3 o 5.4

Endast bräda 10 700kr

Pro Pac: Fenor (Material ”PC”) + Bakre Pad, Pris: 950kr
Full Pac::Fenor (Material ”PC”) + Bakre och Främre Pad: Pris 1470kr
Full pro Pac: Fenor (Material ”Honey Comb”) + Bakre o Främre PAD: Pris 1650kr


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