DAKINES senaste sele som bygger på ny teknik där man använder en ”hard back” för att öka support och stabilitet. Selen blir betydligt mindre än de mer traditionella men ger ändå mycket bättre stöd.

Du kan köpa selen antingen med vanlig fast krok eller med DAKINES slider krok för körning i vågor. Oavsett vilken modell du väljer kan du köpa den andra kroken som tillbehör om du vill ha båda.

  • Adaptive Fit Composite with Texon® counter/stiffener
  • Narrow profile fit
  • Power Clip Lock buckle system
  • Maniac sliding spreader bar complete
  • Spreader bar webbing hold down strap
  • Memory foam pressure point relief zones
  • Dual blade hook knife
  • Two side key/knife pockets with elastic loop
  • Independent primary and secondary power belt
  • Integrated handle and leash attachment
  • Left or right side leash attachment rings
  • Buckle covers/webbing keepers


XS= 28-30″ [ 71-76cm ] SB= 8″ [ 20cm ]
S= 30-32″ [ 76-81cm ] SB= 10″ [ 25cm ]
M= 32-34″ [ 81-86cm ] SB= 10″ [ 25cm ]
L= 34-36″ [ 86-91cm ] SB= 12″ [ 30cm ]
XL= 36-38″ [ 91-96cm ] SB= 12″ [ 30cm ]


EPS Foam

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Dakine Knit Surf Bag
Dakine Knit Surf Bag
  • Versatile shape fits most boards
  • Thick, high quality acrylic knit fabric for ding protection, UV shielding and resistance to fin cuts
  • 600D polyester padded nose reinforcement
  • Drawstring closure

6’0″ [ 1.83m ]
6’3″ [ 1.90m ]
6’6″ [ 2.01m ]
7’0″ [ 2.13m ]
7’6″ [ 2.32m ]

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DaKine vågsele
DaKine vågsele

Sele för seriös Wave riding. Kroken rör sig så att det blir mycket äklare att köra toe side och träffa vågen på ett optimalt sätt.

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Depower lina
Depower lina

Depower lina

Passar alla Blade bommar.

Pris: 290 kr

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Fen set
Fen set

Bite fenor till Twintip brädorna

Finns i två strl 2,5 cm och 4 cm

Pris: 450 kr

450.00kr Lägg i varukorg

This high quality harness offers a very good support and an excellent positioning on pelvis area while the internal waist neoprene allows a very good twist and an optimal comfort.

The Legacy is intended for those who are looking for a harness that is high-performance and light, offering support and freedom.The spreader bar fits most harnesses with a ‘Push Button’ quick release system.

Easy to use, the 3D hook does not require any specific bar or harness! You keep your traditional chicken loop and you can try your buddies kite.

The system is easily replaceable.

Integrated knife.
Performs great in foil, windsurf, hobie cat and ski/snow-kite !

Correspondences size / waist:

– S : 71 – 78 cm
– M : 76 – 83 cm
– L : 81 – 88 cm
– XL : 86 – 94 cm


HB LEGACY review

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HB Surfkite Legion Pilot
HB Surfkite Legion Pilot

Your control system counts more than you think!

It is the interface of your kite, it boosts performance and provides unmatched feeling.

We worked in a demanding way, leaving nothing to chance, to the assembly as on the quality of the materials.

First of all on lines, we chose LIROS because they are the only ones that do not stretch !Direct kite feeling to be accurate while riding plus durability, two key points.


The Legion bar is light and clean to prevent tangling.In Strapless all your senses must be focused on the trick, wave or freestyle, your kite must be driven with your eyes shut.The diameter of the bar and its grip offers excellent comfort / control ratio.It floats thanks to integrated bar floats, and the clam-cleat provides easy trim control.


Our sport is demanding and the security system is essential. The proven “Push” quick release is under the bar with a manual swivel. The safety line on one front line goes trough the PU tube, clean and effective.


The Legion bar is universal in 47cm.

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Safety lina
Safety lina

Safety lina

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Pris: 290 kr

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Session saver – laga din trasiga bräda
Session saver – laga din trasiga bräda

Har oturen varit framme? Denna produkt lagar din bräda. Session saver torkar på 20 minuter och du kan laga den i vilket väder som helst.

150.00kr Lägg i varukorg
Shinn SRS Sneakers
Shinn SRS Sneakers

In a quest to discover the ultimate connection we turned to both the winter and two wheeled sports for inspiration. Tested and approved through many seasons the ratchet system had been time and again proven to provide reliable, trouble free and micro adjustable service. Easy one click adjustment ensure even the most demanding rider can find the perfect set up for their feet.

Subject to 18 months of intensive research, development and testing (and we do A LOT of kiteboarding in 18 months) the Sneaker SRS represents a quantum leap forwards in both comfort and performance.

“Set and forget” or easily adjustable even whilst on the fly, no webbing or Velcro system can even come close to the precision and ease of this development and when combined with our 3D, form fitting foam, memory foam equipped, super plush pads – well, we don’t think there is a lighter, stronger, better fitting or more comfortable system on the market today.

Sneaker SRS – Light, Tight and frankly speaking… awesome.





Micro Adjustable Ratchet system ensuring not only the perfect fit but  sublime amounts of “stick-tion” as well.


On-the-fly adjustment – even whilst jumping (if you dare!)


Zoned Surface Texture…. Grip where you need with no restriction on ease of entry.


3D shaped, form fitting, memory foam equipped surface to better support your feet.


Super plush EVA heel cushioning provides precisely the right tactile feel whilst protecting your knees and ankles.




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The UniBar – 3rdGen by Blade
The UniBar – 3rdGen by Blade

It’s been four years since the 2nd generation of our UniBar had set a new standard for control bars. What have we done in those four years? We listened. We observed. We took notes. We applied. And now we’re ready to present you with the most thrilling bar you have ever experienced.  With the new UniBar you get the lightest bar in the market, at a ridiculous 318 grams. Pretty amazing when you think about all the exciting features it contains, such as the automatic line de-twister, a below the bar swivel and….

Line DeTwister

Forget about manually spinning the front line swivel after looping your kite. From now on all you need to do is pull in the bar and your front lines will automatically unravel. Below the Bar Swivel Having the swivel below the bar gives the UniBar better functionality, allowing the automatic line detwister to operate flawlessly, making sure your lines are correctly aligned 100% of the time.

Lightest Bar in the Market

Creating a bar that is both light and strong is such an integral part of the bar’s performance. That’s why we made our bar even lighter with a CNC aluminum center insert, totaling at a weight of 318g, the lightest bar with integrated floats in the market.

Adjustable Cleat

Not all kite riders were made the same. Some have long arms, some short. Some like waves, some freestyle. That’s why we made a point of designing an adjustable bar throw so you can choose the length that suits you. Not only that, we also added a magnet so that the depower strap does not dangle and will always stay in place.

Ergonomic Bar

Some bars ignore the physics of the human body. We chose to comply, setting the UniBar at an angle that aligns with the stance of your arms as you ride. Front-to-Back Dual Grip Layer We want our riders to be free of any limitations, so we added custom-made layer of bottom grip enhancers to make it extra comfortable throughout the ride.

Molded Bar Ends

With a bar that sets the tone for others, everything has to be perfect. That’s why the new UniBar incorporates an exclusively designed molded foam bar end that integrates with the floaters, giving the bar a smooth and comfortable feeling.

19+4m Teufelberger FL Line Set

The UniBar is equipped with the highest quality of lines available on the market – the TeufelbergerFL series which is manufactured in Austria. All bars come with adjustable 19m + 4m lines so you can choose to ride with 19m or 23m settings.

100% Activation

QROne key to the UniBar’s success is having the safest quick release in the industry. With 100% activation rate and less than 5kg pull at a load of over 200kgs, it’s no surprise our own design is being implemented by 5 other brands on the market.

Suicide Ring & Safety Line Swivel

The new UniBar fully supports both standard and suicide modes, activating the safety mechanism on either mode. The suicide ring is connected to a dedicated swivel that makes sure it does not dangle on endless rotations and loops.

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WeatherFlow vindmätare
WeatherFlow vindmätare

WeatherFlows vindmätare – är en vindmätare som verkligen får plats i din ficka. Ladda ner en gratis app för din iPhone- eller Androidtelefon och plugga in vindmätaren – det är snabbt och enkelt! Håll upp den mot vinden. Din telefon registrerar vindstyrkan (genomsnitt samt max/min), vindriktning och positionen där du befinner dig.
Vindmätaren är designad för att vara bättre än alla andra handhållna mätare på marknaden. Mätområdet är från minsta lilla vind pust till vindar med en bra bit över orkanstyrka. Konstruktionen är verifierad vid University of Florida’s Aerospace Engineering Department (dvs Flygingenjörsutbildningen) och ger noggranna mätresultat även om den inte hålls helt vinkelrätt mot vindriktningen.


Viktiga egenskaper
• Passar både iPhone, iPad, iPod och alla Android-enheter från de större tillverkarna
• Registrerar vindhastighet (genomsnitt, max- och min-värde), vindriktning och din position
• Noggranhet +/- 0,5% även vid en snedställning av mätaren om 15° mot vindriktningen
• Mäter i meter/sekund, knop, km/h, Miles/h eller Beaufort
• Mätområde från 1 – 56 m/s (dvs till över 201 km/h)
• Upplösning 0,1 m/s
• Robust och miljövänlig förpackning som även tjänstgör som återanvändbar förvaringslåda
• Dela enkelt dina vindmätningar med vännerna på bl a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, eller via SMS, e-post mm.


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