Shinn MONK THE ONE 2016

5,900.00kr 4,200.00kr

The legend returns – welcome to the Monk 6.0.

Few boards have generated a following such as the Monk and this year’s model is set to re-affirm his status, the Monk really is THE ONE!

Full wood core, constant curve rocker and progressive concave combined with our proprietry SQ3 mould technology all ensure

that your Monk not only looks the part but is packed with all the most important innovations you need – all backed up with our

comprehensive 2 year warranty should the un-thinkable happen.

Effortless chop handling, amazing carving, perfect edge control and never a drop in your eye the Monk is living proof that in a

world of compromises there is still something special and unique to be found. If you’re looking for the ultimate do-it-all board then your

search is most probably over.


SQ3 3D deck mould gives outstanding range

Supplied with BITE composite fins and handle

Awesome test winning performance

Sneaker 5 connection pack

The original CC rocker line

100% wood core

2 year warranty

The one and only!


129 x 39

131 x 40

133 x 41

135 x 42

137 x 44

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