Shinn Model F foil

The Model F foil is fast freeride foil designed for intermediate to advanced riders looking for high speed cruising. Capable of speed in excess of 50kph only full race foils achieve higher speeds but none can match the stability and easy handling of the F.


Designed, tested and produced with a true passion for the sport the Model F is designed to  satisfy the desires of the more experienced foil-boarder looking for fast upwind, aggressive carving, solid jumping and yet maintain enough pitch stability and low speed stall capability to be forgiving during those challenging foot switches, tacks and gybes that can catch out even the most accomplished of riders.

Perfect when matched with smaller boards the Model F was designed with top mounted wings to ensure durability and rigidity when the worst happens and your foil meets the bottom unexpectedly.

Recommended with our 90cmmast (but compatible with all lengths) the Model F is compatible with our modular foil system allowing upgrade to any other mast or wing set in the range. If you’re looking for a fast, stable foil with high speed capabilities and well above average durability then the Model F will be hard to look past.


Fast Freeride Foil

Designed for intermediate to advanced riders looking for high speed freeride action


Medium High Aspect Wing 580cm 2


ST1 Stabiliser 200cm2


Versatile Speed range

Take off around 14 kph with tops speeds >50 kph (based on 80 kg rider)


Multiple Mast Lengths

Available with 40, 60, 75 or 90 cm mast (recommended mast is 90cm)


Quik-Fit plate

Fast and easy foil attachment to any board (165 x 90 bolt spacings)


Deep socket M6/M8 compatible plate

Deep socket for extra stiffness you can use this foil with M8 or M6 mounting hardware


Modular Design

Fuselage mounting ­compatibility with all other Shinn wings and stabilisers