Shinn King Gee Sea King


The new King Gee – Sea King delivers something unique to the lightwind market place – a truly enjoyable performance. Designed to increase your time on the water in less than optimal conditions this is a board you can ride even as the wind fills in without the need to rush back to the beach for something smaller.

A masterpiece in understated design, every part of this model has been tuned and optimized to create what was previously considered an impossible wind range in such an efficient deck. Instigator of unexpectedly epic light wind sessions this deck goes far beyond what can reasonably expected for a light wind board.

Featuring a rocker significantly flatter than you are used the Sea King promotes early starting and effortless glide but with a versatile performance balanced out by our bi-lateral flex tips which come into play when you’re looking to carve or simply edge harder against the kite, a feature further improved through offsetting the straps towards the heel-side rail.

King Gee truly is a step forwards in “less than” ultimate conditions enhancement, if you want to maximise both your time on the water and the quality of those sessions then look no further, this is the deck for you.

3 Step LW rocker

This low radius 3-step rocker gives amazing light wind glide yet the flexible tips allow for stronger wind control and carving


BITE 53mm fins

Optoflex moulded composite fins for superior profile accuracy and lighter weight


Full wood core

The best strength to weight ratio available with long lasting durability


Progressive Concave

Better edging, better upwind and superior early planning. What’s not to like?


Sneaker SRS Straps

Snowboard ratchet technology allowing consistent and easy micro adjustability


Squoval 2 mould

Bi-lateral tip flex gives un-believeable chop handling and comfort


No quibble Warranty

Peace of mind with our no-quibble 2 year manufacturing defect warranty



146 x 46

150 x 50

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