Shinn Bronq Q XL


Lightweight, increased flex responsiveness and improved range – can there be a better set of characteristics to apply to a lightwind machine? The Bronq Q XL combines all the constructional advances of the Bronq Q and applies them to one of the most tricky challenges in TT design – making a super-early planning board with decent upper end range that’s still fun to ride.

We’re not all fortunate enough to have endless days of 20 knots trade winds to hone our skills, for most time on the water is still the exception rather than the rule. The Bronq Q XL was designed to stimulate light wind fun and yet won’t have you rushing for the beach the moment your kite starts to pull.

The right choice for both epic lightwind sessions and unexpectedly strong sea breezes the secret to this deck is it’s un-believable agility and supremely dynamic ride created through our proprietary balsa/carbon construction. Reducing weight was not the only goal but to provide a flex that was both reactive and efficient and still compliant and easy to control.

Go beyond your expectations and gain both time and fun on the water. The new Bronq Q XL … what’s not to like about that?

3 Step LW rocker

This low radius 3-step rocker gives amazing light wind glide yet the flexible tips allow for stronger wind control and carving

Full wood core

The best strength to weight ratio available with long lasting durability


Progressive Concave

Better edging, better upwind and superior early planning. What’s not to like?


Sneaker SRS Straps

Snowboard ratchet technology allowing consistent and easy micro adjustability


BITE 53mm fins

Optoflex molded composite fins for superior profile accuracy and lighter weight


Squoval 2 mould

Bi-lateral tip flex gives un-believable chop handling and comfort


No quibble Warranty

Peace of mind with our no-quibble 2 year manufacturing defect warranty



148 x 47

150 x 50



  • All new SQ3XL deck mould
  • High Modulus Carbon Laminate
  • Super efficient 3 step Rocker Profile
  • Progressive concave enhancing range
  • Amazing wind range
  • No quibble 2 year warranty
  • BITE composite fins and handle
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