HB Surfkite Legion Pilot


Your control system counts more than you think!

It is the interface of your kite, it boosts performance and provides unmatched feeling.

We worked in a demanding way, leaving nothing to chance, to the assembly as on the quality of the materials.

First of all on lines, we chose LIROS because they are the only ones that do not stretch !Direct kite feeling to be accurate while riding plus durability, two key points.


The Legion bar is light and clean to prevent tangling.In Strapless all your senses must be focused on the trick, wave or freestyle, your kite must be driven with your eyes shut.The diameter of the bar and its grip offers excellent comfort / control ratio.It floats thanks to integrated bar floats, and the clam-cleat provides easy trim control.


Our sport is demanding and the security system is essential. The proven “Push” quick release is under the bar with a manual swivel. The safety line on one front line goes trough the PU tube, clean and effective.


The Legion bar is universal in 47cm.

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