The new BIAX technology offers an improved lightness, as well as flex and responsive features like never before. It has for effect to enhance the shape’s performances.

A resolutely modern shape that offers an exceptional compromise for surfing and freestyle. The boxy rails allow a very fluid navigation whatever the conditions. At the same time soft and radical, the Lafayette is ultra precise and responds instantly. The reactivity is at the rendezvous thanks to the lightness of the board, to you the big backside air!


Brädan finns i längderna: 5.8; 5.10

Endast bräda 10 700kr

Pro Pac: Fenor (Material PC) + Bakre Pad, Pris: 950kr
Full Pac:: Fenor (Material PC)  + Bakre och Främre Pad: Pris 1470kr
Full pro Pac: Fenor (Material ”Honey Comb”) + Bakre o Främre PAD: Pris 1650kr

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