Blade Trigger 11th generation

Following a decade-long journey of meticulously perfecting each and every aspect of the kite, the Trigger enters a new era of versatile, high-flying, attention- grabbing rides.

Fit for all level riders and virtually any weather condition, this kite allows you to perform smooth sequences while constantly adding new tricks to your arsenal, while taking advantage of its great jumping ability, quick turning and skill building attributes. Don’t be surprised if you find an upgraded version of yourself each time you go out there.

No matter where your kiting spot is, expect to see the yellower-than-ever Trigger shining bright in the sky, popping out of bags all over the beach or pulling you up high for another big air maneuver.

  • Powerful jumps
  • Dynamic and quick handling
  • Enhanced durability
  • Best skill building companion

Kite Sizes:



Priser komplett med drake, väska, pump och bom

7m2      12,200SEK

8m2      12,900SEK

9m2      13,300SEK

10m2    13,900SEK

12m2    14,500SEK

14m2    15,700SEK