Blade Trigger 10th gen 2018

This year we’re celebrating 10 years from the day Trigger was presented to the kitesurfing community. In these 10 years, we have learned a lot about you and about ourselves. Thanks to your embrace, your loyalty and yes – also your criticism, we have been able to bring you a better kite each year, tweaking the features that were most important to our riders. For the Trigger’s 10Th gen we did something utterly incredible: nothing. Okay, almost nothing. We kept all the core characteristics that have been a crowd favorite from day one – agility, quick turning, massive hangtime – and added a little something extra for each kite size. For example, for the 7m we added stability in high winds. The 9m has been beefed up with even more hangtime and the 14m received extra power on the low end. This past decade had been one crazy ride and we would like to thank all of our Trigger riders for being a part of it. Ride on!


  • Powerful jumps
  • Dynamic and quick handling
  • Added stability
  • Best skill building companion


Kite Sizes:



Priser komplett med drake, väska, pump och bom

7m2      11,500SEK

8m2      12,500SEK

9m2      13,200SEK

10m2    13,500SEK

12m2    13,900SEK

14m2    15,500SEK