Blade Tiny Beast 1st gen

Tiny Beast

Kite Sizes: 4m, 6m

Some people are born ready, so why let them wait? That’s exactly what got us to create the Tiny Beast, an agile kite for kids who just can’t wait to get out there.

This is not your average high winds mini-kite though. The Tiny Beast was carefully designed for light and moderate conditions, performing well from 10 knots and up. Its unique shape allows for maximized stability and effortless relaunch in lighter winds, while an increased depower level ensures the safety of the young riders.

There is no doubt the Tiny Beast is the perfect kite for any boy or girl making their first steps in the kitesurfing world. Make sure you take a good look at them now, because you might be looking at a future star.

  • For kids 30kgs-55kgs
  • Maximum stability
  • Effortless Relaunch
  • High depower level4m2      5.700SEK (kite only)6m2      6.500SEK (kite only)