Blade High Score 2nd gen 2018

Do you know that feeling, when you finally land that trick that you’ve been working on for ages? That feeling was the only thing on our mind when we created the High Score.This freestyle beast comes with enough power to pull you through massive kiteloops,yet enough stability and ease to effortlessly unhook. We’re not just talking perfect conditions here, we’re also talking riding throughstrong winds and extreme weather at full capacity.You can thank the wingtip power balance for that.We can go on and on about the high AR, relatively small leading edge, faster profile and minimal bridle system, but what you really need to know is this: TheHigh Score will take you to the next level and the one beyond that, whether you’regetting into your first handle pass or preparing for the world tour.


  • Explosive pop
  • Continuous Pull
  • 5 rigid struts for added stability
  • Consistent performance in all condition


Kite Sizes: 7/9/11/13