Blade Trigger 9 gen 2017
Blade Trigger 9 gen 2017

Stor REA på kvarvarande 2017 drakar.

De är nu dags att göra plats för nästa års Trigger från Blade och då passar vi på att sälja ut de sista 2017 drakarna vi har i lager.

Priserna är komplett inklusive bom och pump.

7m2 NU 8.300 tidigare 10,900SEK

9m2 NU 9.300 tidigare 12,200SEK

12m2 NU 10.300 tidigare 13,400SEK

14m2 NU 11.300 tidigare 13,900SEK




The immensely popular Trigger has been widely acclaimed for almost a decade, and rightly so. With massive hang time, remarkable agility and pinpoint responsiveness, the Trigger goes far and beyond what you might expect from your average all-around kite. As if it wasn’t enough, this year we made the Trigger even more exciting by moving it closer to the window’s edge, meaning you can jump higher than ever, loop, spin, grab and still enjoy maximum stability while doing it. Don’t just go for your usual tricks, though. Our all new double-strength cross-fiber canopy encourages you to conquer those elusive high-complexity tricks without worrying about the kite wearing out. Whether you just started to ride or you’re a 15-year veteran, the Trigger is the perfect all-around kite to help you push yourself and reach new heights. Literally.

Designer’s notes

How does the new fabric affect the design of the Trigger?
The main difference between the new Cross Fiber Ripstop and the one used in previous generations is the ability to withstand stretching over time. The Cross Fiber fabric stretches about half as much, which allows us to design our kites with much more precision. Since we didn’t need to worry about the kite’s performance deteriorating due to extensive use, we concentrated on making much more radical designs for our kites, Trigger included.

Have you changed your designs since hydrofoiling has begun to pick up?
Definitely. Hydrofoils bring much steeper upwind angles into the game. This is one of the reasons we improved the upwind on the new Trigger, to work together with the angle of the foil instead of setting back the foil’s performance.

What is the difference between the 9th and 8th Gen Trigger?
The 8th Gen Trigger was sitting a bit back in the wind window, making it prone to back stalling. With the 9th Gen Trigger we made sure we improve the position of the kite in the window by meticulously fine tuning the bridles and maximizing the profiles.

The new Trigger is much more forward, providing better upwind, direct jumping and better depower.

Priser komplett med drake, väska, pump och bom

7m2      10,900SEK

8m2      11,900SEK

9m2      12,200SEK

10m2    12,900SEK

12m2    13,400SEK

14m2    13,900SEK

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Blade Trigger 8 gen 2016
Blade Trigger 8 gen 2016



Pris komplett inklusive bom, pump, väska & lagningskit

7m2      10,900SEK NU REA PRIS 7900 kr

9m2      12,200SEK NU REA PRIS 9900 kr

12m2    13,400SEK NU REA PRIS 10900 kr


Kite Sizes: 5/7/8/9/10/12/14

If you’re not familiar with the Trigger by now, you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past 8 years. This multi-purpose kite has been grabbing riders’ attention for its pinpoint responsiveness, quickness, big air boosts and skill building performance.

By combining efficient power delivery, amazingly fast turning and dynamic profile shape, the Trigger allows you to diversify your skill set. Quickly set it up with the all new max flow pump and you’re ready to jump, loop, speed ride, spin and grab, or just cruise.

With the new Trigger, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one style. Just pick a time and a place and you’re guaranteed to enjoy an immediate adrenaline rush.

  • Massive hangtime
  • Highly responsive
  • Maximal versatility
  • Skill building for all levels



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Blade Tiny Beast 2016
Blade Tiny Beast 2016

Tiny Beast

Kite Sizes: 4m, 6m

Some people are born ready, so why let them wait? That’s exactly what got us to create the Tiny Beast, an agile kite for kids who just can’t wait to get out there.

This is not your average high winds mini-kite though. The Tiny Beast was carefully designed for light and moderate conditions, performing well from 10 knots and up. Its unique shape allows for maximized stability and effortless relaunch in lighter winds, while an increased depower level ensures the safety of the young riders.

There is no doubt the Tiny Beast is the perfect kite for any boy or girl making their first steps in the kitesurfing world. Make sure you take a good look at them now, because you might be looking at a future star.

  • For kids 30kgs-55kgs
  • Maximum stability
  • Effortless Relaunch
  • High depower level 

    4m2      5.700SEK (kite only)

    6m2      6.500SEK (kite only)

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Blade Skinny Boy 2015 – REA sista demoex
Blade Skinny Boy 2015 – REA sista demoex

Making specific kites for specific disciplines is what we do best, which means it was only a matter of time before we came out with a wave dedicated kite. The new Skinny Boy is for surfers who like to ride with power and super-quick steering abilities. Whether you go out strapless or with straps, you’ll find the Skinny Boy helps you charge any wave.

• Highly Reactive and Fast Turning
• Insta-Depower Feature
• Efficient Low End Performance
• High-Performance Drift
• Quality Craftsmanship

Pris komplett med bom, pump, väska & lagningskit

6m2      9.600SEK demokörd två gånger. Pris nu 6600 komplett

9m2      11.600SEK demokörd 4 gånger. Pris nu 8900 komplett


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Blade Skinny Boy 2 gen 2016
Blade Skinny Boy 2 gen 2016

Skinny Boy

Kite Sizes: 6/8/9/12

If an all-out wave riding session is what you’re going for, a wave-dedicated kite is a must. While the 1st generation of the Skinny Boy was a big success among wave riders, it just laid the foundation for the most thrilling wave kite yet.

The 2nd generation Skinny Boy is more direct, more precise and more agile, allowing you to maintain complete control of the kite during turns. The Insta Depower has been improved to enable effortless bottom turns, while the Max Drift feature now provides a great drift not only in classic side-off conditions, but also in on-shore conditions.

With the super quick Skinny Boy you can tackle even the most powerful of waves, with or without straps. The question is – do you have the courage?

  • Highly reactive
  • Super quick turning
  • Side-off and side-on drift
  • Insta-Depower

6m2      10.500SEK

8m2      12.000SEK

9m2      12.500SEK

12m2    13.500SEK

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Blade New Guy trainer 2016
Blade New Guy trainer 2016

New Guy

Kite Sizes: 2.5m

Our 2.5m ram air trainer kite makes for a smooth first step in the kitesurfing world.

The new guy includes all the features that will give any newcomer the confidence and excitement they need before going into the water. Its structure allows the kite to stay up in the air from very light wind (around 2 knots) and provides enough power at the edge of the window to keep the kite from collapsing. It is made from durable ripstop material that makes it beach-proof and prevents it from wearing out.

There is no need to inflate or assemble it, as it comes with a 45cm bar that is connected to the kite. Just unravel the lines and let the first time rider enjoy the maximum kite feel within seconds.

  • Unpack & launch
  • Flyable from 2 knots and up
  • Maximum kite feel
  • Improved durability
1,800.00krLägg i varukorg
Blade High Score 2016
Blade High Score 2016

High Score

Kite Sizes: 7/9/11/13

High Score is the latest link in the evolution of freestyle and wakestyle kites. It is the more energetic version of the former Mist, a highly powerful freestyle/wakestyle kite by itself.

This action packed C-kite has some serious grunt to propel you to new heights with an extended sweet spot. Its sharp contoured wingtips help you stabilize yourself throughout the trick and stick the landing to perfection.

With its explosive pop and continuous pull, the High Score will have you feeling like you’re actually inside a video game. So get creative, land the tricks and show them how it’s done!

  • Explosive and consistently powerful
  • 5 rigid struts for added stability
  • Extended sweet spot
  • Extreme crashes durability

7m2      11,400SEK

9m2      12,400SEK

11m2      13,400SEK

13m2    13,900SEK

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Blade Fat Lady 4th gen 17kvm
Blade Fat Lady 4th gen 17kvm

Aaaaaah those light wind days. What’s better than going to the beach on a calm day, setting up a towel on the warm sand, getting out your Fat Lady kite and ripping through the air with tremendous power. The 4th generation Fat Lady has even more upwind to help you fly through the air and add new high-level tricks to your collection, courtesy of its extreme quick-turning and responsiveness abilities. The Max Flow quick-inflation system and the Cross-Fiber Ripstop for better durability make sure you can keep your focus on what’s important– going out there and shredding the water with a big smile on your face


Priset är komplett med bom, pump och givetvis Blades grymma väska.

15,000.00krLägg i varukorg